Welcome to Stocked N Loaded.

Stocked N Loaded is a gourmet mobile food truck and catering service owned and operated by Chef Dave Rashty. Our mission is to provide patrons with fresh, delicious food using classic French techniques and modern flavor profiles.

Stocked N Loaded is not your average mobile food truck. Many of our chefs have worked at some of the finest restaurants in the country and are constantly striving to produce extraordinary dishes.

We offer a wide variety of services including business & event catering. Clients may choose the Stocked N Loaded truck to cater a festive party or they might prefer to elect the SNL Elite Services staff to accommodate their fine-dining affair.

Whatever the case, we encourage you to explore our website … take some time to look over our menu, get to know our chef, and make sure to check out the upcoming events page. There you will find out the events that we are currently attending and where we will be heading next.

Enjoy, and we hope to see you out there real soon!!!

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